1. SCA 152 Pop up roof
    SCA 152 Pop up roof
    The SCA 152 pop up roof includes a queens size bed. The pop up roof is crash tested to all required FMVSS standards. It is insulated and also offers three windows with zippers. The gas filled shock absorbers make it an easy task to open and close the roof.
  2. Campervan, vanlife, pull test
    The smartfloor system is pull and crash tested. The furniture and seats are attached to the flooring system. Due to the rails in the floor, the seats can be positioned in many different settings.
  3. vanlife, campervan
    Light weight, modular furniture
    The light weight furniture kit includes two non removable side panels that hold the technology and part of the water system. The module next to the side panel on the driver side of the van holds the 10.5 gallon water tank. The sink and the kitchen module are removable and so are the seats and the downstairs bed.
  4. Vanlife, campervan
    The kitchen module includes a Dometic CF-025DC portable fridge/freezer box that is accessible from either the inside or the outside of the van. On top, you will find a Dometic Origo 3000 US/C Alcohol stove that is also removable. You can cook either inside or outside of the vehicle.
  1. Water system
    Water system
    The water system installed in the van includes a 10.5 gallon fresh water tank which is located in the module on the driver side. The gray water canister is removable and is located in the module underneath the sink. A outdoor shower is also included and can be mounted on the outside of the van with a suction head.
  2. Technology
    The technology system includes Lumicoin high quality LED lights, a power inlet underneath the hood and a 15AMP charger.
  3. Options
    The following options are not included in the Tecamp base price. Please ask us for additional costs for each option. We offer upgrade such as, Lithium-ion battery, Solar panel system, Upgrade to a Victron energy charger and display, Porta potty toilet module, modular rack for rear doors, Multi rail to mount awnings, skit plates for engine and gear box, foldable shower pan, modular dog crate system.Insulated winter blinds for passenger and driver cabin windows.
  4. Beds
    Upstairs you will find a queen size bed that is rested on highly flexible synthetic elements for a comfortable good night sleep. The downstairs foldable bed also sleeps two adults and is removable. The Tecamp sleeps four adults comfortably.

Pricing for Terracamper "Tecamp"

The Terracamper "Tecamp" which includes the features shown above has a starting price of $35,900. This price includes the pop up roof, the flooring system, the furniture kit, the technology and water system and two (2) seats with integrated seat belts. 

The Terracamper conversion is NOT including the Mercedes Benz Metris van.

Due to legal requirements, the Terracamper van conversion is only possible on the Mercedes Benz Metris Passenger van. Only the passenger van provites the required airbag system for the two additional seats in the back.

Please consult with the Terracamper team on which options are required in order to convert your van with full functionality.

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